Tuesday, 22 October 2019

How does Affiliate Marketing work? AND How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Today we are talking about, what is Affiliate Marketing? How does Affiliate Marketing work and how to start Affiliate Marketing? See, everyone wants to earn money online today because you are your boss here and if you are thinking of making money online, then I will tell you that Affiliate Marketing is also one of the very popular ways to earn money. If we talk about making money from Affiliate Marketing, many companies pay us a lot of commission.

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
2. How does Affiliate Marketing work?
2.1 ♦ Affiliate Program?
2.2 ♦ Affiliate Link?
2.3 ♦ Affiliates?
3. How to Start Affiliate Marketing?
3.1 ♦ From Blogging!
3.2 ♦ From Youtube!
3.3 ♦ from Whatsapp!
3.4 ♦ From Facebook page & Groups!
3.5 ♦ From Twitter!
3.6 ♦ From Telegram!
4. Important things about Affiliate Marketing Program?

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

As the name suggests, affiliate marketing means that we can do some online marketing, or we can call it promoting a product. If you have a blog or a website, you can also add it to affiliate marketing, because now the Internet is trending, and almost everyone does online shopping, such as buying clothes, food, electronics items, or hosting. Shopping for, Domain Names, Websites Templates, Plugin and much more, which are Sell & Purchase Online like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon or Paytm Mall where you do online shopping, you can do Affiliate Marketing from all these websites May include.
If you want to purchase a product from any company, whether it is an electronic item or domain hosting, then the company pays you some money on its sale as commission. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

2. How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

To do Affiliate Marketing, you must first join Affiliate Marketing. You find many affiliate programs on the Internet, join the affiliate program you want to sell the product to.
After that, you have to generate a link to that product to sell any product available on that website. And then it has to be shared to promote it online and when you click on that link and buy a product, you get a commission.
Just as salesmen are given incentives to sell a product, affiliate marketing is commissioned to sell a product. So if you have the skill to sell a product, then Affiliate Marketing is a good platform for you to earn money.

2.1 Affiliate Program?

The online website runs this kind of program. Who pays a commission after promoting any product for that website. These programs are called affiliate programs for those online blogs OR websites. Such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, ClickBank, eBay, etc.

  2.2 Affiliate Link?

After joining Affiliate Marketing, we have to generate a link to sell the product. The generated link is called an affiliate link.

2.3 Affiliate?

People who join these programs and earn commission by promoting the product of that website are called affiliates.

3. How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Now the biggest question is how to do Affiliate Marketing. Because for this you have to promote the product. Which it can reach as many people as possible and you can sell that product. So now we are going to tell you some ways through which you can do Affiliate Marketing easily.

3.1. Affiliate Marketing With Blogging

It is the best option for affiliate marketing. Many bloggers make money from Affiliate Marketing. You can also start Affiliate Marketing by creating your own  personal or privet blog.
Our blog should be able to promote them according to the Affiliate Marketing program.
You can promote a product by writing a beautiful review.
Promote the audience on your blog by recommending a product.

3.2. Affiliate Marketing from Youtube

This is the second-best way to mark Affiliate Marketing, as today's logo is very much a favourite of Youtube after blogging. Where you get the most traffic, you can promote your product.
The things you can use when creating a video can be given in the affiliate link description box.
You can make a video to sell a product.
Youtuber may recommend the product.

3.3. Affiliate Marketing from WhatsApp

In today's era, everyone uses smartphones, and those who have smartphones will definitely have WhatsApp. So if you want, you can also associate marketing using WhatsApp. So join the affiliate program, create a group of people who are buying online
 Likes to do
Find the best deals online and share their affiliate link in the WhatsApp group.

3.4. Affiliate Marketing from Facebook Pages and Groups

Most people spend their time on Facebook,
This method can be used by people who spend more time on Facebook. Also, people who do not have a youtube channel and blog, they can promote Affiliate Marketing by creating their Facebook page and Facebook group. On Facebook, you can promote Affiliate Marketing with your friends.

3.5. Affiliate Marketing from Twitter

Twitter is a social medium where most of the rich people come,
You can also start affiliate marketing using Twitter. You also get a lot of traffic here. If you are a good follower on your Twitter, you can promote affiliate links to your product.

3.6. Affiliate Marketing from Telegram

You can create your channel and group on Telegram and share your links with them, and you can promote affiliate links to your product. More people join your group on Telegram than WHATSAAP
Here are some important ways to let you know, but there are many other ways by which you can share your affiliate links and earn a lot of money. I am going to talk about some important things in the future! Whom you can make dots?

4. Important things about Affiliate Marketing Program?

  • Affiliate link and google address can be used together.
  • The money earned from affiliate marketing can be transferred to the bank account.
  • The affiliate program can join anybody. It's absolutely free.
  • You don't need to have a website for affiliate marketing. You can use the method you want to sell.
  • In an affiliate program, you get commission only when you sell the product.
  • You can search on the internet to find an affiliate program like an amazon affiliate program, Flipkart affiliate program etc.


If you are Affiliate Marketing, how do you work and how to earn money? If you like the post, then share it with your friends on social media and if you still have any questions or you have any problems, you can tell in the comment box below.