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Learn How to Use the khata Book App? In (2019)

What is a khata book? - Hello friends, today I am going to tell you in detail in this post, how to use the khata book app? and how to download the khata book app?  let's get started
  • What is a khata book?
  • How to download a khata book app?
  • How to Use the khata Book App?
  • How to add a transaction in khata book app?

If want to know about this app read the post thoroughly so that you can get the proper information about the khata book app.

how to use the khata book app

What is a khata book?

The khata Book App is a business class app.
If you are a shopper and you want to keep your account book safe from anyone, then the khata Book mobile app is the best one for you.  In fact, you can think of yourself as a personal accountant who registers all the work you do, free of charge, without any scams.  So, friends, this app is only used to maintain a loan book account.  Now, friends, I explain how you can download this app for free.

How to download a khata book app?

The khata book is very easy to download.  This app is available on the Google Play Stores. If you want to download this app, follow the steps below.

  • First of all, you have to open the Google Play Store on your mobile.
  • Now in the search box, you have to type in the khata book app and click on the search button.  
  • Now you will find this app at the top.  
  • Now you have to click on the install button.
  • Now your khata book app is installed on your mobile.  
  • Learn how to use khata book app.

 Direct download Khata Book App

How to Use the khata Book App?

Once you understand the process, it is very easy to use a khata book.  If you want to learn how to use this app, follow the steps below and learn.

  • First of all, you have to open this app.
  • Now we have to select the language.
  • Now you have to enter your mobile number and click on the received OTP button.
  • Now the OTP will appear on the mobile number you provide and after verification, the second page will open.
  • Select Personal or Business and click the Next button.
  • Write your name in your name.
  • Write the name of your account on the khata book name.
  • Enter the name of your business on the business name and click on the Next button.
  • Now your khata book account has been created.

Watch this video to learn more about Khata Book

How to add costumers in khata book aap?

How to add costumers in khata book aap?

  • Now you can add any customer.  
  • For customers to add WhatsApp is mandatory.  
  • Add the contact from WhatsApp.  
  • You can add your customers by clicking the floating button that appears above.

 How to add a transaction?

How to add a transaction?

First of all, click on Customers.
"Amounts/Goods" out and "amount/goods" will appear in the app's fees,
If you have borrowed a product from someone, click on "Amounts/Goods out" to add it.
If you have given a loan to a person, click on "Amounts/Goods in" to add it.

How to transaction khata book aap?

How to transaction khata book aap?

You have 3 options for this,

1) Send watsaap massage

 Click the WhatsApp icon to send WhatsApp massage

2) Send message

 Click the message icon to send the message

Ex:  Dear sir/madam, your payment of Rs.  10 is still pending.  Make the payment as soon as possible.  You can see your transaction history at photobook.

 3) Make a call

 A direct call is made by clicking on the call icon.

Khata Book settings

Khata Book settings

You can add a new account by clicking the menu button that appears in the upper right corner of the App. You can access App settings by clicking on the 3 dots in the left corner of the App,
The video shows you how to use a khata book in settings.
Create a new account in khata book


So guys, how to use the khata book app? what is a khata book app? today It has been detailed, hopes you like this post, send post to your friends and if you have any questions regarding this post, you can comment and ask us.  Thanks!

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How to use the Google Go app (2019)

Hello friends, In this article, I will be talking about the "Google Go app" launched under the Android Go project.  Detailed information on 'how to use Google Go', the quality and behaviour of Google Go.  Let's get started.
How to use the Google Go app (2019)

  • What is the Google Go app?
  • How to use the Google Go app?
  • How to Search the Internet
  • how to search the Internet using  Voice Search
  • Google Go settings
  • Additional information (Google App)
  • Overall

 What is the Google Go app?

Google Go is the shortest and fastest way to search by optimizing search results, saving data up to 40%
Get faster and more reliable answers with Google Go, even with slower connections and less space.  At 7MB in size, downloading is fast and saves space on your phone.

Google has made many apps available for phones with less than 1 GB of RAM - Google Go, YouTube Go, Gmail Go, Maps Go and Files Go.  Today you will learn about Google Go.  Google Go looks more familiar, has the same logo as the Google Native app and is readily available on the Google Play Store.  It does not have the same functionality as the native application.  If you want to save space, it's worth using.  The original Google app is 160 MB in size, while the Google Go app is 10 MB or less.  I've personally used both apps and found that Google Go app uses 60MB of RAM memory while the native Google app occupies an average of 240MB + RAM on my device.  Google Go has also added some new features that you won't find in the native Google app.  Both apps have some common features like voice search, maps, GIFs.

How to use the Google Go app?

First, download this app from the Google Play Store.  After opening the app, you will find Google Search, Voice Search, Lens, Discover Images, Gifts, Youtube & Download etc.  Will be found.  I try to explain to you one by one how to use Google Go.
 Google Go App Download
How to Search the Internet in Google go App

How to Search the Internet 🔍

As the name implies, this option is for searching on Google.  But its function is different from the original Google app, and I like it.  When you type anything in the native Google app, you'll see various suggestions for it, but in this app, you can see the actual results without having to click on the 'Go' icon.

Don't miss out on what's popular and trending.  Explore the latest trending topics by simply tapping Search.
Let Google read it.  Display your camera text or listen to any web page.  Words are highlighted as you read them, so you can easily follow them.

how to search the Internet using  Voice Search in Google go App

how to search the Internet using  Voice Search 🎙

Just tap the blue icon with a white microphone and say what you want.  This makes the job much easier.
Type less, find more.  Save time by tapping your way through trending queries and topics or using your voice to tell what you're looking for.

Lens 📸

Tap Google lens icon, the automatic camera will open, explore what's around you in a whole new way.

Images and GIFs 🖼 

You can actually find images and GIFs of your choice.  Once you find your desired image, tap on it to open it.  You can share and download the image just by tapping and holding.

Apps 📱

This option is for the convenience of the user.  You can follow Facebook, Instagram and Twitter directly.  You can access various social media platforms such as if the related app is installed on your phone, Otherwise, it loads their Web versions natively.  Additionally, categories for app listings such as social, entertainment, sports, news and shopping;  Each of them has different sites. You can add more types to other social platforms, entertainment apps, games, news and most social media by tapping the '+' icon and placing your favourite app.

Google Go settings instructions

Google Go settings🛠

You can access the settings by tapping the 'setting icon' in the upper left corner.  In the settings, you will find 2 tabs.  Normal and customizable.


🖼 Change Wallpaper or Background
 This feature changes the background of the app.  After accessing it you can add/delete wallpapers.


🌐 Languages
This feature lets you add an additional language to your search.  English is the primary language of the search and its effects will be shown in the language you choose.
📡 Data
This option will help you if you want to save your data.  Just enable it and start saving data.
👤 Account
Switch Account
This option is to switch to multiple Google Accounts.
My Activity
see your search history
Delete cookies & cached date

🔔 Notification
The search result is ready
This option will help you if your internet connection is slow.  You do not have to wait for the webpage to load, just minimize the application and you will get a notification when the webpage loads.  These options are used to enhance your search experience.  If you enable this feature, you will never see harmful content.

 For example  - you will never see any pornographic content in search.  (This you can disable it if you want)

Watch this video to better understanding of Google go app
 My Mobile Guide

 Additional information ( Google App )

We are back to search results.  Here I explain to you some basic features that are also in the native Google app.  As you refresh the Internet, tap on the three dots shown in the upper right corner and you will see many options as described below.

  Bookmarks: If you like a website but feel you have forgotten its name, click on the 'star' icon and it will be added to your bookmarks, which you can access through Chrome under the heading 'Bookmarks'.

  Copy Link: This option lets you copy the link to a webpage on the clipboard.

  Offline: This feature is meant to save any page offline.  Just tap on it and it will show up in Chrome under the 'Downloads' heading.  You can access it at any time without internet.

  Search within a page: This feature lets you search a specific word/line on a webpage.

  Open in Browser: This feature allows you to open a webpage in another browser, tap on it and select your preferred browser.

  Add to the home screen: This option will add a webpage to your home screen so you can access it at any time.

  Desktop site: This feature is for browsing the desktop version of the website.


It works best on a low-speed internet connection.
It takes up very little space in the device.  Find the best images and GIFs easily.  Very well designed which makes it even more attractive.
Supports over 60 languages.
Choose your favourite photo as wallpaper.
SafeSearch feature.

All in all, Google Go is a must-have an app for first-time smartphone users.  google go uses less memory and consumes fewer data.  So while your mobile runs fast, the app provides a one-stop solution for accessing various Google services and sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with a few taps on the screen to search online without having to type much through virtual keyboards.  Also provides additional language support.  Brings the web closer to all non-English mobile users.

You can experience the changes for yourself right now by downloading Google Go on your Android device from Google Play.  The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 and 4.3 + above.

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How To Use Google Pay App and Earn Money

HOW TO USE GOOGLE PAY APP & EARN MONEY (2019) GOOGLE PAY का ईसतेमाल कैसे करे
Google Pay Uses

Hello friends, as we all know that in today's digital rate, we can do all our work online at home, our country has been very successful in the last few years, but when the Indian currency has been changed. Since then all our transactions have gone online, there are many companies which are very popular for this, in which Paytm was very popular.

Given this, Google has also launched its new payment app, which is called Tez App. It is a UPI based payment app developed by Google for India only. In this article Tez App, Tez App Features, How to Add Bank Account to Tez App and Rs. 1,00,000 from Tez App.

In the days ahead, Google has renamed the Tez app to Google. It is also known as "GPA".

1 What is Google Pay?
2 How to Download Google Pay App for Android and iOS?
3 How to add a bank account to Google Pay App?    
4 Google Pay App features in English?
4.1 1. Tez Mode
4.2 2. UPI
4.3 QR Code
4.4 4. Payment from Mobile Number
4.5 5. Payment through Account number and IFSC Code
4.6 6. Bill Payment Feature
4.7 7. Google's Security
4.8 8 Chat Support
5 How to earn money from Google Pay App for Rs.1,00,000? Referral Program
6 Answers to tiny small questions about Google Pay App?
6.1 1. How to check your bank balance?
6.2 2. How to create your QR Code?
6.3 How to view Google Pay App offers?
6.4 4. How to see Google Pay App's Rewards?
7 summary

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay, a new payment app by Google, has been developed keeping in mind India's Digital India programming. With Google Pay, you can send money to, or even receive, anyone from your mobile phone.

In Google Pay, all you need to do is link your bank account. Linking directly to your bank account is very easy, all you have to do is to register your (bank) mobile number in Google Pay App, your Google account will be ready. Google will pay your bank details.

How To Download Google Pay App for Android and iOS?

Join me on Google Pay, a secure app for money transfers, bills and recharges. Enter my code 44nx6e to earn ₹51 back on your first payment!

Google Pay is available for Android and Apple smartphones. You can download the Tez app from the Play Store for smartphones above Android version 4.4 (KitKat). Similarly, in iPhones above iOS version 8, you can download the Google Pay app from the App Store.

How to add a bank account to Google Pay App? 

After knowing this, we will now see how we link the bank account in it. This process is quite simple and you can easily link your bank account within a few minutes. Just for you, you have to link your mobile number to your bank account, and if you have links to the initiative, you will be able to easily add your bank.

  1. First of all you Google Pay App Download, and have to open from it.
  2. Now enter your language, registered mobile number in a bank and your Gmail account.
  3. Then enter OTP and Google Pay App Set up a four-number PIN for yourself.
  4. Now I click on my name from the screen and select your bank from the add account section Google Pay App Adds in.
  5. Now after verifying it through OTP, your bank account.

Google Pay App features in English?

Google allows us to isolate and minimize, and even it does. You get to see some special features in the Google Pay app, which you don't see in other apps, be it BHIM app or phone app. Here we will talk about such special features.

1. Tez Mode

The most unique feature of the Google Pay app is the cache mode. With this facility, other Tez users can send or receive money without knowing their phone number / UPI ID, without knowing/receiving it.

In this feature, you have to keep the phone of another Tez user near your phone, the cache mode will automatically detect your nearest user. In this way, you can send and receive money with one click.

2. UPI

Google Pay also supports UPI, where you can send money directly from your bank, and take it in the bank itself. Google pay does not have any of its wallets.

In this, you can have four bank names with your UPI ID.

  • oksbi
  • okaxis
  • okhdfcbank
  • okicici

3. QR Code

With the Google Pay app, you can send money only by scanning the QR code, or by sharing your QR code, you can also take money. App features like BHARAT QR are now available in the Google Pay app.

4. Payment through Mobile Number

With the Google Pay app, you can send money via mobile number only. You have to enter the mobile number of the Google Pay App user from your contact list, and you can send money in 1-click.

5. Payment through Account number and IFSC Code

If you want to send money to someone who does not use the UPI app, you can also send money through account number and IFSC number.

6. Bill Payment Feature

With Google Pay app, you can make various bill payments, such as electricity bill payment, credit card bill payment, gas online bill payment, postpaid mobile bill payment, water bill, insurance bill, Bajaj Auto Finance, EMI etc.

7. Google's Security

You should know that Google is very cautious about security, you will also find security features of Google in Google Pay app which is not available in other apps.

You can lock the Google Pay app through any lock on your phone, or you can create a Google PIN, which is saved in Google servers.

8. Chat Support

Now you can pay any G Pay App user with chat. The reason for sending payment, payment request, transaction ID etc. can be shared through chat.

How to earn money from Google Pay App for Rs 1,00,000? Referral Program

Now you can earn money from the Google Pay App by referring your friend to the G Pay app, by paying an online bill or by sending someone's money.

Answers to tiny small questions about Google Pay App?

1. How to check your bank balance?

  • First, click on your name.
  • Click on your bank account.
  • Now you have to choose your account.
  • Click View balance now.
  • Now enter your UPI PIN.
  • After this, you will see your balance.

2. How to create your QR Code?

  • Click on the three-dot on the main screen.
  • Now click on Display QR Code.
  • Now you will see your QR code.

3. How to view Google Pay App offers? How to check your offers in Google pay app

  • Click on Offers in Promotions at the bottom of the main screen.
  • Here you will see all the offers.

4. How to see Google Pay App's Rewards? How to check your reward in Google pay app

  • Click on Rewards in Promotions on the lower right corner of the main screen.
  • Here you will see all the rewards received.


Friends, what do we call the Google Pay App here? How can this money be made? Here we have to go a lot about the Google Pay App, we can use it anytime we can. You can pay by your mobile-only on this.

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What is Email marketing? | How to send 1000 E-MAIL at one time

Hello friends, today I will tell you about a very beneficial topic, if you read this post till the end, it will be very beneficial. Because today's topic is email marketing and email marketing is a very big part of online marketing. If you are a business owner, then you are going to benefit a lot because email marketing can create a conversion for your business. So let's get started and know what is email marketing?

What is email marketing, how to send 1000 email at one time

Friends, email marketing is such a process that you can target your audience and generate your business through email. In Email Marketing, we can collect emails from our customer or Desire audience and send them an email. Friends send different software to send an email and their online website is also available from where you can send email to your customer. Friends, many websites provide this facility for free, in which we can send unlimited emails for free. And some have this service paid. So, friends, the question is, why do not all the customers convert to the free website, why do people go to paid service despite having free service.
The simple reason for this is that the email of the free service provider company always goes in the promotion box so that we do not get many conversions because of most people e-mail box for their promotions not open. 

On the other hand, paid service providers always charge this is why emails always go to the primary email box. And conversion is more. If we think that we do this with our regular Gmail account then it will not be possible because Gmail gives us permission to send 100 emails in 1 day, and that too should be unique, meaning the emails should not match each other.

What is Email Marketing? Email marketing advertising | How to send 1000 emails at once?

What is Email Marketing? : - Email marketing is a marketing tool that allows any company or anyone to send email to their customers to promote their service or product, and this is called "e-mail marketing". This is similar to the way you promote your product or service in a different place like a newspaper. Earlier people also used newspapers, but now everyone has a smartphone. That's why they use email marketing has started increasing.

Email Marketing Examples and Explanations

Let me give you a simple example to understand this. This would be an example that you can find your smartphone every day.
When you visit a website, you see something like 'subscribe to our blog' on the website, where you have to provide your e-mail address and when you subscribe to your email address, your email address Goes to that person. And as soon as your email address goes to them, people send you an email every week about their service or product and this whole process is called email marketing.

Friends, now we all know what email marketing is, even by an example, we have understood what is email marketing? Now go ahead and also learn how email marketing is done.
How is email marketing done?

This is a question that you are thinking that e-mail marketing can be done by sending email to people, but it is done on a large scale like sending 1000 e-mails and more.

Now to send e-mail to many people, an application named "G-mail" is used in our smartphone, it is not used for it, various email marketing software is used. Also, email marketing requires an email address list of active users.

Apart from email marketing software and email lists, another important thing is, what email will you send to your customers and how? Email design depends on what kind of service or product you provide to your customers.

Email List: This is a list of email addresses of many active users. This list is used to send people an email to their email address.

Email Marketing Software: This is software that can send emails to thousands of people at once. MailChimp is an email marketing software used by many companies.
What is the benefit of email marketing

Low cost: - It is so easy to be a low cost that you need your laptop or computer to do this, you do not even need to go out of the house.
I can recognize your audience, that means you can email marketing to find out what your audience likes

Identify your audience: - Whenever you do email marketing, you can know how many people have clicked through your email and visited your website? How many people have bought from your store, and can be understood very easily?

A little money: - It can be much less than traditional marketing, and it is a lot of money from traditional marketing.


I hope you have understood "What is email marketing? How to send 1000 emails at a time". Send the post to friends and if you have any questions about this post, you can comment and ask us. Thank you!

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How does Affiliate Marketing work? AND How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Today we are talking about, what is Affiliate Marketing? How does Affiliate Marketing work and how to start Affiliate Marketing? See, everyone wants to earn money online today because you are your boss here and if you are thinking of making money online, then I will tell you that Affiliate Marketing is also one of the very popular ways to earn money. If we talk about making money from Affiliate Marketing, many companies pay us a lot of commission.

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
2. How does Affiliate Marketing work?
2.1 ♦ Affiliate Program?
2.2 ♦ Affiliate Link?
2.3 ♦ Affiliates?
3. How to Start Affiliate Marketing?
3.1 ♦ From Blogging!
3.2 ♦ From Youtube!
3.3 ♦ from Whatsapp!
3.4 ♦ From Facebook page & Groups!
3.5 ♦ From Twitter!
3.6 ♦ From Telegram!
4. Important things about Affiliate Marketing Program?

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

As the name suggests, affiliate marketing means that we can do some online marketing, or we can call it promoting a product. If you have a blog or a website, you can also add it to affiliate marketing, because now the Internet is trending, and almost everyone does online shopping, such as buying clothes, food, electronics items, or hosting. Shopping for, Domain Names, Websites Templates, Plugin and much more, which are Sell & Purchase Online like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon or Paytm Mall where you do online shopping, you can do Affiliate Marketing from all these websites May include.
If you want to purchase a product from any company, whether it is an electronic item or domain hosting, then the company pays you some money on its sale as commission. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

2. How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

To do Affiliate Marketing, you must first join Affiliate Marketing. You find many affiliate programs on the Internet, join the affiliate program you want to sell the product to.
After that, you have to generate a link to that product to sell any product available on that website. And then it has to be shared to promote it online and when you click on that link and buy a product, you get a commission.
Just as salesmen are given incentives to sell a product, affiliate marketing is commissioned to sell a product. So if you have the skill to sell a product, then Affiliate Marketing is a good platform for you to earn money.

2.1 Affiliate Program?

The online website runs this kind of program. Who pays a commission after promoting any product for that website. These programs are called affiliate programs for those online blogs OR websites. Such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, ClickBank, eBay, etc.

  2.2 Affiliate Link?

After joining Affiliate Marketing, we have to generate a link to sell the product. The generated link is called an affiliate link.

2.3 Affiliate?

People who join these programs and earn commission by promoting the product of that website are called affiliates.

3. How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Now the biggest question is how to do Affiliate Marketing. Because for this you have to promote the product. Which it can reach as many people as possible and you can sell that product. So now we are going to tell you some ways through which you can do Affiliate Marketing easily.

3.1. Affiliate Marketing With Blogging

It is the best option for affiliate marketing. Many bloggers make money from Affiliate Marketing. You can also start Affiliate Marketing by creating your own  personal or privet blog.
Our blog should be able to promote them according to the Affiliate Marketing program.
You can promote a product by writing a beautiful review.
Promote the audience on your blog by recommending a product.

3.2. Affiliate Marketing from Youtube

This is the second-best way to mark Affiliate Marketing, as today's logo is very much a favourite of Youtube after blogging. Where you get the most traffic, you can promote your product.
The things you can use when creating a video can be given in the affiliate link description box.
You can make a video to sell a product.
Youtuber may recommend the product.

3.3. Affiliate Marketing from WhatsApp

In today's era, everyone uses smartphones, and those who have smartphones will definitely have WhatsApp. So if you want, you can also associate marketing using WhatsApp. So join the affiliate program, create a group of people who are buying online
 Likes to do
Find the best deals online and share their affiliate link in the WhatsApp group.

3.4. Affiliate Marketing from Facebook Pages and Groups

Most people spend their time on Facebook,
This method can be used by people who spend more time on Facebook. Also, people who do not have a youtube channel and blog, they can promote Affiliate Marketing by creating their Facebook page and Facebook group. On Facebook, you can promote Affiliate Marketing with your friends.

3.5. Affiliate Marketing from Twitter

Twitter is a social medium where most of the rich people come,
You can also start affiliate marketing using Twitter. You also get a lot of traffic here. If you are a good follower on your Twitter, you can promote affiliate links to your product.

3.6. Affiliate Marketing from Telegram

You can create your channel and group on Telegram and share your links with them, and you can promote affiliate links to your product. More people join your group on Telegram than WHATSAAP
Here are some important ways to let you know, but there are many other ways by which you can share your affiliate links and earn a lot of money. I am going to talk about some important things in the future! Whom you can make dots?

4. Important things about Affiliate Marketing Program?

  • Affiliate link and google address can be used together.
  • The money earned from affiliate marketing can be transferred to the bank account.
  • The affiliate program can join anybody. It's absolutely free.
  • You don't need to have a website for affiliate marketing. You can use the method you want to sell.
  • In an affiliate program, you get commission only when you sell the product.
  • You can search on the internet to find an affiliate program like an amazon affiliate program, Flipkart affiliate program etc.


If you are Affiliate Marketing, how do you work and how to earn money? If you like the post, then share it with your friends on social media and if you still have any questions or you have any problems, you can tell in the comment box below.