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What is the difference between CPU and GPU? And how does it work?

We are living in the 21st century and today is the year of technology. Where more than half of our work is done with computers and mobiles. In today's time, computers and smartphones are the most used electronic devices. A lot of parts are required for a computer run. Such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse and CPU.
What is the difference between CPU and GPU?

 The CPU is most important for both computer and smartphone, which is also called the brain of the computer.

Apart from this, high-performance processors are installed in computers and smartphones nowadays. Which increases the speed of the device, the name of this processor is GPU. Whenever we go to the showroom to buy a new computer or laptop, then we hear the CPU and GPU names in its specifications.
What are the CPU and GPU, how does it work and what is the difference between them, you will be given information in this post, so let's start.

 First of all, we will know

What is the CPU? And how does it work?

 CPUs full name is "Central Processing Unit". It is known by its name that it is a hardware that runs all the work software on the computer. Running the program. It works continuously runs the application through the operating system. This computer All of the important tasks handle logical input-output.

 CPU is known by many names such as Processor, Intel Processor, Micro Processor It is also called as the brain of the computer because it receives the work of the hardware and software of the computer. Processes them. His result shows in front of the user. Therefore it is an essential part of the computer. There is a small chip which is present on the motherboard.

 The chip of the CPU is made up of many transistors. The program runs with the help of a transistor. And the CPU completes the job of calculus. The CPU receives all the interactions of the computer and commands given by the user and completes the Billions task within 5 seconds. You can guess this, these computers do all the things in our blink of an eye. There is so much CPU capacity, so much faster computer work. In today's time, multi-core CPUs are installed in computers. Computer speed increases many more.

 What is the GPU? And how does it work?

 GPU's full name is "Graphical Processing Unit" It is considered to be the advanced unit of CPU.
  performs graphical calculations. What was previously CPU work, computer graphics is called computer-created pictures and movies. Everything we see on the screen of our computers and smartphones is called graphics. Nowadays applications with high graphics are coming on computers and smartphones and the CPU is getting loaded with processing, due to which these applications score faster. GPU was created because it could not run. So that it can do CPU work easily

  The main function of the GPU is to reduce the CPU load. The GPU's job is to clean the image so that the image arrives on the computer's display fast. The technology of Parallel processing is used in this. This makes the GPU do a lot of graphical work very fast at the same time. This improves the quality of video and images, GPUs are used for gaming in computers and mobiles because high graphic or 3D animation is used in gaming, especially only the GPU can run and in the computer, you can never use video or images. When you edit, GPU is most commonly used at that time. Like CPUs, GPUs also have multi-core processors, which improves computer performance.

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 What is the difference between HDD vs SSD?

 GPUs are used in 2 ways in computers and mobiles.

1. The GPU is already integrated into the computer i.e. it is a part of the computer's processor. The one who handles all the graphics of the system as if a computer has an Intel processor then watch HD graphics to you at Intel.

If a smartphone has a Qualcomm processor, the Adreno GPU is available in which you will get to see Google Pixel Sony Samsung HTC Mi and LG company smartphones.

 If you have a Media Tech processor in your phone, then you get a Mali GPU, which is used in the Samsung Core Hawaii smartphone. It integrates with all GPUs.

 2. The GPU is used to be used for Czech laptops and computers because it is installed separately in an external way. If you like to play games on the computer but do not have a good graphic card in the system, then you can use leggings while playing the game. You have an option to solve the problem, you can easily get any graphic card purchased separately. Like AMD, Intel, Gaming has good performance and large file gaming software runs properly in your laptop.

  Now, what is the difference between CPU and GPU?

 Both GPU and CPU are processors that carry out the work of computer hardware and software.

 The CPU on the computer is a general proposal processor. It performs all kinds of tasks, such as mathematical calculations. MS Word, XL, PowerPoint Watching movies or songs. Browsing the Internet does a low CPU. But the GPU is a facial proposal processor that handles the graphic of the computer and processes all the visuals that appear in the computer.

 The CPU is called the brain of the computer that performs all kinds of tasks and helps to make graphics faster. It is designed to accomplish specific tasks.

CPU has very few cores, which reduces its ability to work, but GPUs have much more cores than CPU, this helps the GPU to work easily, it increases the computer

 CPU cores work on serial processing and perform only one task at a time
 GPU has parallel architecture courses which can do a lot of work at a time, which is why the quality of images and movies is good.

 CPU requires more memory for processing tasks, GPUs require less memory for processing tasks than CPU

 Hope you have understood the difference between CPU and GPU through this post. If you have any problem then you can comment by telling us

 Thank you

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What is digital marketing? AND How to use digital marketing?

Every day millions of people in the world sit at home and use the internet to buy the product to fulfil their needs, be it for weddings, for festivals or for personal desire.
What is digital marketing? AND How to use digital marketing?

In the last few years, the way of shopping of people has changed, now as before, people do not go to the market to buy the product but instead buy the product from online shopping websites, which is why people do business, clothes shop toy store like this Shops have closed so now in this post we will tell about digital marketing. What is digital marketing? Why is it needed? How to use digital marketing? You will get answers to all these questions in this post today.

First of all, we will know what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing done through internet computer and electric medium, through which any company can market its product and reach its target customer in a very short time, which is also called online marketing.
When a company launches its business or product in the market, it has to do marketing to reach more people.

Marketing means to connect with the customer at the right time and right place and in today's era you have to connect with your customer at the place where he spends all his time and that is the internet
In India, people above the age of 5 years use the internet and the number of people using the internet is increasing every day.

Whether it is a big company or a small company, everyone uses marketing to sell their product. Just as big companies create and promote big banner advertisements to sell their products, in the same way, it can be done either through online marketing or digital marketing, whether it is offline marketing or online marketing. Purpose reach more people.
In offline marketing, you have to spend more money on advertising of the product, but with digital marketing, you reach people in any corner of the world at a very low cost.

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Now we know why digital marketing is important?

Digital marketing is a good way to reach customers through digital technology, when there was no smartphone, now people used to use TV newspaper more, then in these places, countless companies used to advertise their product and promote their product. Used to buy but in the world of this smartphone, most people spend all their time on Facebook WhatsApp Tur Instagram spends on this social media, watch videos from YouTube instead of TV, listen to songs online instead of radio and read blogs instead of newspaper, now companies are digitally promoting their products and promotes the same place where most people use the internet because of digital marketing, it helps the company to reach its product to more people. , The first people to think more about buying by India, the market is no longer so people buy stuff on the mobile Internet, therefore, saves them time.

Digital marketing is benefiting not only the customers but also the merchants in doing business as digital marketing is reaching more people in a very short time, which is increasing their product sales Digital demand is currently Seeing more because digital marketing leads to higher profits at a lower cost

Now we will know where and how to use digital marketing?

 So first of all,

1. Blogs :

Blogging is the best way to do online digital marketing, in which you have to create a blogs with your company name in which you can tell about the service provided by your company and whenever your new If you become a pro, you can apply in it, you can attract a lot of customers towards it.

2. Content marketing:

Through content marketing, you can write all the information about the product launched by your company in one content, you will have to draw sentences and write correctly in which you will have to tell about the product's offer and the people who read it will like you and The popularity of your business will also increase, this will increase the sales of the product.

 3. Search engine optimization:

If you want to bring more customers to your blogs through a search engine, then you need to have knowledge of [SEO] search engine optimization. If a person wants any information, he uses Google and using Google SEO Delivers information to
If your website falls in the top ten of Google, then more people will know about your business, so you have to build your website with the help of Google's SEO so that a lot of organic traffic comes to your blog.

4. Social media marketing:

Social media is an important part of digital marketing in everyone's life. It is used to interact with each other but it also has other benefits in digital marketing.
It has also become an important aspect of online marketing and a great source for reaching customers.
Businesses are moving towards online platforms such as social media to reach audiences.
On social media, the merchant promotes his product and he can also know what people are talking about their product. Social media marketing is very beneficial for your product. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp in Social media marketing.

5. Google AdWords 

Whenever you have a blog or website, you see a lot of advertisements. Most of the ads are shown by Google. With the help of Google AdWords, any merchant can market his product. For this service, you have to pay Google for these advertisements. Shows well and takes less time to sell traffic and product, you can run an ad from Google like Image Ads, Banners ADS, interstitial ads, video aids and Native ads.

 6. Apps Marketing:

A lot of companies make their apps through the Internet and make their products available to the people. Apps are used for the promotion of the product. Digital marketing is a very good option because nowadays many people have more of the app on your Android phone. Use this is why anyone uses apps to make their business reach thousands of people.

7. YouTube marketing:

YouTube is the most viewed platform in today's world. New is a platform where you can promote your product through video. You must have seen that whenever you watch a video on YouTube, you will see an advertisement in the middle of the video. It is actually a video of marketing of a company's product, which people see and get attracted to it. There are a large number of people who live online on YouTube, which makes it easy to earn.

8. Email Marketing

Through e-mail marketing, the company brings its product to Logan via email, along with information about the deals and offers of the fellow product and its link is also given, which gives the customers easy information to purchase. E-mail market you can reach millions of people in a single click This is a great tool for digital marketing to reach more people than digital marketing The Rodkt can be transported
And it makes a lot of money.

So, friends, I hope you have got a lot of information about digital marketing, you can share this post with your friends, if you have any questions, you can comment us thank you

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What is Difference Between HDD vs SSD? | Which Should I Buy?

In this article, we are going to compare two types of storage drives which are HDD and SSD.  They are commonly used to permanently store data on desktops and laptops.

What is difference between HDD vs SSD

 Now, traditionally these hard disk drives are used as storage solutions in desktops and laptops.  And these hard disk drives (HDD) have been in use for more than two decades.
 But in recent years, SSDs i.e. "solid states drives" are gaining popularity Because of its speed and performance.

 So, in this article, let's compare these two drives in aspects like speed and performance, Working principle, cost and storage capacity and many other aspects.

 So, first, let's compare these two drives in terms of their speed and performance.

  •  Now, the technology of hard disk drive (HDD) has improved a lot in the last two decades.
  •  And the data density of this drive is greatly enhanced.
  •  But the hard disk drive (HDD) speed has not increased at the same speed.
  •  Typically, today's hard drive access times are in the range of a few ms.
  •  And sequential read or write speeds are typically around 100 Mbps.
  •  If you are thinking that the hard drive (HDD) speed is not bad then let me tell you RAM and cache memory used in the computer is within the time limit of access
  •  Of nanoseconds.  
  • Which is much less than the access time of these hard drives (HDD).

 So, if you have a very high-end CPU, coupled with a graphics card and RAM, you will still
 You are not able to extract the best performance from that system if you are stuck with
 Slow Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

 With top CPUs and GPUs, system performance will definitely increase.
 But due to hard drive (HDD) limitation, system boot time and opening
 Applications will not be this fast.

 Whereas on the other end, if we talk about SSDs, 

  • they are very fast and their reach is usually time in the range of microseconds.
  •  And typical sequential read and write speeds are in the range of 400 to 500 Mbps.
  •  And indeed, it is possible to achieve even sequential read and write speeds
  •  Using these SSDs, the limit is increased to Gigabytes per second.

 So, now let's look at the internal structure of these drives

  Let us know why SSD So fast and hard disk drives (HDD) are relatively slow compared to these SSDs.

  •  So, if you look inside the hard disk drive (HDD), it has a rotating disk, Most commonly known as platters.
  •  Therefore, these plots rotate in laptops at a specific speed of 5400 or 7200 RPM.
  •  And it can go up to 10000 RPM in desktop computers.
  •  And in some enterprise hard disks, speeds can go up to 15000 RPM.
  •  So, in these hard disk drives, the data is magnetically stored on the heads of these platters using.
  •  And typically data is stored in hard disk drives as tracks and sectors.
  •  Now, since it consists of mechanically moving parts, there is a limit on speed
  •  On which data can be accessed or written to these hard disk drives.

  •  On the other end, SSDs are built using flash memory.
  •  And to be precise if I say, they are designed using NAND flash memory.
  •  So, as these SSDs are designed using NAND flash memory, and have no moving parts.
  •  They have very fast access time and very low latency.
  •  So, in addition to flash memory, SSD also has microcontroller and small
  •  cache memory.
  •  Therefore, using a microcontroller, flash memory cells can be accessed or programmed.
  •  And it is temporarily possible to store incoming and outgoing data using cache memory .

 Okay, so now let's compare the two drives in terms of form factor.

  •  So, today's hard disk drives (HDD) are generally available in two form factors.
  •  For desktops, it is available in the 3.5-inch form factor, while for laptops it is available
  •  In 2.5-inch form factor.

  •  On the other end, SSDs are available in several form factors.
  •  The most common is the 2.5-inch form factor, where these drives can be used or replaced.
  •  In place of hard disk drive.

 Apart from these, mSATA and M.2 SSDs are available in very small form factor.
 And they are used in ultrabooks and tablets.

 Okay, so now compare these two drives in terms of system interface.

 So, the system interface defines how these drives are connected or associated with it.

 Therefore, the first (HDD) hard drives were connected to the system using the PATA interface.
 Which is known as parallel SATA?

 But today's hard drives are connected to the system using the SATA interface.
 While the enterprise hard drive is connected to the system using the SAS protocol.

 On the other end, if we talk about solid-state drives (SSD) then mSATA and SATA hard drives are
 Connected to the system using the SATA interface.
 Whereas M.2 SSD can communicate with the system using SATA or PCI Express bus.

 So, now if we compare these drives in terms of storage capacity

  So hard Drive for (HDD)
 Hard disk drives, 1TB capacity are most common in desktops and laptops.
 But for desktops, even 10 terry bytes of the the the same time as these time the hard drive is usually available in markets.

 And if we talk about SSDs, till now SSDs are available up to 120GB
  4 TB.
 Typically for laptops, it is available from 120 GB to 1 TB.
 While for desktop it is available up to 4TB.
 But if we talk about the cost, then these are very expensive drives compared to SSD hard disk.
 So far the cost per GigaBytes for SSD is about 3 to 4 times the cost of the hard disk drive.

 But as the demand for SSD is increasing, the cost is also coming down.
 And maybe one day, it will become as cheap as today's hard disk drives (HDD).

 So, now compare these drives in terms of power consumption and reliability.

 Therefore, as these hard disk drives = mechanical moving part controls the power consumption
 This (HDD) hard disk drive is more than SSDs.
 And they are more prone to damage in terms of shock and vibration.

 So, now finally let's compare them in terms of data durability.

 So, in terms of data durability, hard drives are more durable and data can be stored.
 Long-time without operating.
 Also as we have seen, these SSDs are designed using flash memory.
 And because of that, the number of programs or deleted cycles that can be done on them
 SSDs are limited.
 Usually, it used to be in the range of 10000 to 100000.
 And depending on the quality of the controller as well as the internal structure of the flash
 Now, some manufacturers also provide endurance ratings for these SSDs.
 And it is usually defined by the term drive written per day.
 This means that the user capacity of a hard disk drive (HDD) can be written multiple times per day
 In the warranty period.

 For example, if you have 100GB of hard disk drive (HDD), with a DWPD rating of 10, this means
 1000GB or 1TB of data can be written to this drive every day during the warranty period.
 So, basically, the term defines endurance ratings for SSDs.
 But for most users, this rating is quite important.
 And even if someone uses this SSD extensively, it will also work reliably
 Up to 5 years.

 So, SSD has many advantages over a hard disk drive (HDD) overall.
 But so far, these SSDs are significantly more expensive than hard disk drives (HDD).
 So, if someone is looking for a large storage bridge at a reasonable cost, he can
 Go for hard disk drive (HDD).

 Whereas on the other end, if someone wants very fast performance and is willing to pay extra
 For that performance, anyone can go for SSD.


 I hope that in this article you have understood the basic difference between SSD and hard disk drive (HDD).
 So, if you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comment section below.

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How To Apply For Voter ID Card Online in (2019)

How to apply for a voter ID card: Step by step explanation

 How to apply for Voter ID

If your voter ID card has not yet been created, then this post is very beneficial for you, because the Election Portal Commission has updated the voter ID service.

Now you can apply for Voter ID card online very well and easily than before. So in this post, I am going to tell you in details how you can apply for voter ID card online, so let's start.

The Election Commission of India provides online voter registration for Indian citizens over 18 years of age. An Indian citizen can nominate himself as an ordinary voter and fill Form 6 online on the National Voter Service Portal.

  A voter ID, also known as EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card), is a photo identity card issued by the Election Commission of India for voting to all Indian citizens of India. The voter ID card is to work to identify voters, increase efficiency and prevent impersonation and fraud in democratic elections. This card is also commonly known as a voter card, voter card or voter ID card.

  Voter ID is an accepted form of personal identification in India as it is issued by a government body.

How To Apply For Voter ID Card in (2019) Steps by step explanation

The voter ID card contains the following details:

Cardholder's photo of a unique serial number Holding the name of a hologram cardholder with the relevant state / national mark, Gender, card holder's birth date, card holder's residential address and the issuing officer's signature (Voter Registration Officer) on the back of the voter ID card.

Voter ID card eligibility:

Individuals must meet the following criteria to qualify for a voter ID card.
Please note before applying for Voter ID
Voter ID is an essential document of an Indian citizen as it can play a fundamental role in voting in a democratic election.  Voters also serve as proof of identity and address.

  The following points to note:

  •   The minimum age of the applicant should be 18 years Completed.
  •   They should fill the relevant documents such as Form 6 and ensure that they provide relevant original documents.
  •   Applicants can apply for Voter ID only through government or government-approved websites and centres.
  •   Applicant should ensure details like spelling of his name, date of birth, address etc.
  •   Applicants should also ensure that all information provided is legally correct in all aspects.
  •   On successfully obtaining the voter ID card, applicants have to re-verify their documents and voter ID card to see if the information is correct.

  If you have previously registered to vote, you can confirm by visiting the link below

  Go to to see if you are registered to vote.  If your name appears in the list, you are eligible to vote, otherwise, you must register to vote. For voter registration visit

Step by step of the process of applying for a Voter ID card:

You have to open a browser on your computer or mobile.
You have to type a URL in the browser [First of all, you have to visit the website], then National Voter Service Portal will come in front of you.

Here you have to create an account first. You will click on the login register to create an account.
You have to click on Register as a new user.

  • You have to enter a mobile number, later you have to fill the captcha.
  • Click on Send OTP.
  • There will be a code on your mobile number, you have to put that code there, after entering the OTP, click on the Verify button
  • Your mobile number will be verified

If you want to get a new voter ID card, then you don't have epic number click on it

  • Later you have to use your name, your surname, your email id and then your password.
  • Later you have to click on the register

  • Now you have to log in, enter your email id and password to log in.
  • Later you have to feel the capture.
  •  Click the login button.
  • Click on first enrollment to apply for new voter ID card
  • You have to select your citizen such that if you live in India, then select India.
  • Choose your state now
  • Click next button
  • Select your district
  •  Now you have to add house number [house number will be found on your family's Voter ID card]

  • Now you have to enter your address
  • Enter your post office name, enter PIN code
  • You must upload your address proof [passport, bank account; driving license,]
  • The name of your file should be JPG and the file size should not be more than 2 MB.
  • Now you click on the Next button

  • Now you have to enter your date of birth
  • Later you have to enter the name of the district where you are born.
  • Now you have to provide a document for age proof. [In this, you get a Birth Certificate, Market Seat, Indian Passport, PAN Card, Driving License or Aadhaar Card]

  • If your age is more than 21 years and you are applying for Voter ID card online for the first time then you have to fill a form
  • Download the phone and fill all my details correctly, later you have to load it yourself.
  • [Your file name should be JPG and the file size should not be more than 2 MB].
  • Now click on the Next button
  • Now you do not want to select the meeting
  • Click next

  • Now you have to enter your name, surname.
  • Later you have to select your gender.
  • Now you have to write your father's name
  • Now you have to enter your photo [your file name should be JPG and file size should not be more than 2 MB].
  • Click next button
  • If you have any disability, select or else leave
  • Enter your mail id enter a mobile number
  • Click next button
  • Write the name of your village click the next button

  • Now you will get a form in front of you, read it properly, if there is any infallible in it, fix it
  • You have to submit your application.
  • Now you will get a referral code.

Please note: Voters need to fill in Form 6 (link to the online form) if they are moving from one constituency to another. For more information, please see the voter guide at

  The voter list is constantly updated till the last date of filing nomination by the candidate. This is about 3 weeks before the voting date. The exact voting dates will be available on after the announcement

Watch Video Better Understanding About How To Apply Voter Id Card Online👇

How to track the status of a voter ID card in 2019?

  Voter ID applicants can now check the status of their application on the State Election Commission website.  Each Indian state has its own respective Election Commission website.  See the image below as an example.

  To track the status of voter ID:

  Go to the Tracking voter id card official website of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO).
  स्थिति Select 'Voter ID Status'.
  You can also apply on the National Voter Service Portal and choose 'Find your name in the voter list'.
Now we will know how to track voter id card online
Click track status to track
Enter your reference ID and track it.

There is no option to download a Voter ID card online.

  •   Step 1 - Fill in the application number or EPIC number.
  •   Step 2 - Enter the following details:
  Date of birth
  father's name
  District Constituency
  Now select search and get information about the status of your voter ID card.

So I hope that you have understood how to get a voter ID card online. If you like this post, then you can share this post with your friends. If you have any more questions about how to apply for Voter ID card online, then you can comment us

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What Is The Difference Between LCD VS LED?

What Is The Difference Between LCD VS LED?

Hello friends, I am going to explain to you today through this post, what is LCD and LED? What is the difference between LCD and LED? so let's start.

What is Difference Between LCD VS LED

LCD and LED are the largest means of entertainment.  Probably you all would know about LCD and LED, today LCD and LED are installed all over the place, then everyone knows what it is but LCD and LED were not made directly. 

First the TV was made and later the changes were made gradually and then the LCD was made because the TV would take more light and the screen does not show well, but some good company made good TV but people did not like it, then they  made some changes and the LCD was made and the people liked it very much and people slowly forgot the TV and the demand for LCD increased quickly, then the company again made some changes and LED was made. 

When it comes to buying a TV, the market is full of options. We get confused about which TV is good.  So you should be able to face it, so it is important that you first decide that you should buy an LCD or lead, which of these two TVs.

   So today I will tell you what is the difference between both LCD and LED so that you can easily see which one is good, and which one should buy.

 What is the LCD?

 The LCD, or liquid crystal display, is a flat-panel display in television and was created by George H. Heilmeier, an electrical engineer.

  In 1960, he made some changes to the TV to make a screen display that used crystals, and he made a screen display and LCD LCD televisions are thinner and lighter than the cathode ray tube CRT and take less light than the TV and are good  There is a screen.

   This screen uses the light-modulating properties of the liquid crystal to prevent or allow light to pass.  Each of these crystals prepares a tiny piece of image and together makes a clear image. And the crystal is usually called pixels. The colour and transparency of this image can be changed by decreasing or increasing the electric current.

 What is an LED?

 It has a full-light light-emitting diode, its texture is similar to that of the LCD screen, but the working style of LCD and LED is different.  Instead of illuminating with a fluorescent bulb, the light with diodes that remove the light.  Even though these bulbs are comparatively small but they are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs. These are found behind the screen, which helps to display brightness and darkness on the screen in a good way.

 What is the difference between LCD and LED?

 Now you must have known the working style of these two, you must have come to know how they work.  Although both have almost the same texture, there is a big difference between them. Here we are going to tell you about these differences. So that your confusion about these two will go away. If you are going to buy a new smart TV, then you should also know the difference in the smart TV present in the market. If you know about it then you can buy a good TV for yourself without any help.

 1. Full-Form

 Talking about LCD, its full form is "liquid crystal display", while LED's full form is "light-emitting diode".

 2. Picture Quality

 The picture quality of the LED is quite good as compared to the LCD.  The reason for this is that LED uses a BA panel or IPS panel which is considered to be the best in the technology category.

 3. Colour or Brightness

 LED TVs have more colours than LCD TVs because RGB-LED backlight is used in LED.  Apart from this, you can clearly see all the colours in the RGB-LED backlight.  In this, you get a higher dynamic contrast ratio.

 4. slim frame

 The frame of the LED is much thinner than the frame of the LCD because it uses edge-LED backlighting technology.  You do not get this technology on LCD TV.

 5. Source of Light

 While LCDs use cold cathode fluorescent lamps, LEDs use small light-emitting diodes mounted in a series.

 6. Power consumption consumption

 The power consumption of LED is very low compared to LCD TV because LED TV uses more energy.  It saves at least 20-30% of electricity.

7. Price

 LCD and LED TV are both expensive as compared to the normal TV while talking about the price of LCD TV, it's the market price is 6 thousand to 40 thousand while the price of LED TV is between 10 thousand and 6 lakh.

 8. Weight

 The modern form of LCD is LED, in this, you get to see modern technology.  Due to the latest technology in it, LED TV has less weight compared to LCD TV.

 9. Brightness

 The brightness of the LCD is less than that of the LED.  Although in both you can reduce the brightness according to your own, you get good brightness in LED.

 10. Resolution

 If the resolution of the LCD is good, then the resolution of the LED falls on a very good range.


In this post, what is LCD, what is the difference between LCD and LED, what is LED, LED TV LCD TV has been told about the rate LEDs, if you have any questions or suggestions other than this, please comment by asking below? And do share this post so that others can also know this information.

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How to apply for PAN card online? In (2019)

In today's post, we will know how to apply Pan Card Online?  Know what is PAN Card ?, PAN card application, Track PAN card online.

How to Apply for online Pan Card? Step by Step Explanation

How to Apply for online Pan Card? Step by Step Explanation 

Our government is very aware of technology.  Now almost every government work can be done online.  The Government of India has made the facility of making PAN CARD online, from where you can apply for PAN CARD online.  So many government services have gone digital, so we believe that the public should also be aware of this.

What is PAN card?

 PAN card is a unique identity card. The PAN card has a 10-digit alphanumeric number, which is determined by the Income Tax Department.

Taking this process further, we will tell you how to apply for a PAN card online.  Actually, PAN CARD is mostly used for financial transactions in India.  Pancard has become mandatory for opening bank accounts, filing income tax returns or for transactions above Rs 49,000, a PAN card is required everywhere.

PAN card is also the size of your debit card and credit card, and it also contains your required details like your name, date of birth, father's name, your signature, your photo.


 PAN card is such an ID card, it is very important for people living in countries to have their identity card, because it is only through their identity card that it is found out from which country it is a citizen.

These documents are required for online PAN card application.

 To submit the application, you will need to upload several documents on the PAN Services website.  You will have to upload the identity card, address proof (proof of address), date of birth certificate and photograph.

Identity Card

 Today we are going to talk about how you can use Aadhaar card as an identity card to create a PAN card.

If your Aadhaar card is linked to your mobile number then you can do this work.

How to apply for PAN card online?

To apply for PAN card online, first of all we have to go to the website of NSDL (National Securities Depository), from this site you can apply for PAN card online, follow these steps mentioned for this.
How to apply for PAN card online? FOLLOW THIS STEPS

Step 1.) General inInformation

Official Website : NSDL.Com
  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of Nsdl.
  • You will see a form, that form has to be written correctly.
  • In Application Type *, you have to select New Pan Indian - citizen (form 49A).
  • Select Category * according to yourself.
  • In the applicant information, you have to write your name, date of birth, email id and mobile number.
  • Later fill the captcha and click on submit button.
  • Temporary Token Number message will be sent to your email.
  • Click on Registered User and write your details.

Step 2.) Personal Details

  • You have to click submit digitally through e KYC & sign (prosses).
  • You have to write your Aadhaar number.  After that your full detail will be seen.
  • Then you have to select your gender.
  • Write to your parent's name.
  • You can save your application by clicking on save and draft.

Step 3.) Content & Other Details

  • Select your income in source of income.
  • You have to select your country code.
  • Click on next button.

Step 4.) AO Code 

  • Select the Indian citizen option, after that select your state, then select your city.
  • Select the area nearest to you from the list.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • You can learn about your AO code by calling the income tax department helpline number 18001801961.

Step 5.) Document Details

  • At the bottom, write your name, your self, your village name, and date.
  • Check your details, click on the Proceeds, then choose your payment method. complete your payment.
  • Click on Authenticate button, then click on continue with KYC,
  • The mobile number that is linked to your Aadhaar card, an OTP will come on that mobile, that it has to be submitted.
  • Your PAN card will be ready, you can download or print it.
  • You will get tracking id, you can easily track your PAN card.
How To Download Adhaar Card

Watch the video below for more information.


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