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How to Use Bajaj Finserv EMI Card Apply Online / Offline

How to Use Bajaj Finserv EMI Card Apply Online /Offline | No cost EMI, Eligibility, Document's 

  • What is the no-cost EMI card of Bajaj Finance?
  • How to make this NO Cost EMI Card?
  • How to apply both online and offline?
  • What documents should we have to get a no-cost EMI card?

What is the benefit of making this no-cost EMI card? And what other terms and conditions to follow.

If we buy any item using this EMI card, how will we pay the installment or EMI? How many months can we get the installation? What percentage of interest will be charged and how much downpayment will happen.

Meaning, when we are buying a product, then how much money we will pay for that product. And friends, this is the most important thing. Many people say that after taking this EMI card, you have to pay any extra charges here.
How to Use Bajaj Finserv EMI Card Apply Online

 What extra charge do we have to pay?

We will all know in this post, so let's know how to unlock something.
Bajaj Finserv is a financial services company that offers various types of loans. With this, he gives the customer another facility, the No Cost EMI Card.

Friends, Bajaj gives its customers a no-cost EMI card, using which you can buy any goods. Any online or offline store.
It is also with no cost EMI, so you must be thinking now what is this no-cost EMI card?

Friends, whenever you use your debit card or credit card,
To buy any product on EMI, therefore for months, you want to buy that item on EMI. Accordingly, the company is taking an interest in the price of your product, and that money is added after adding the product price and interest amount. The amount is divided by the months for which you want to buy this product on EMI. Divide into equal parts and in this way, you will have to pay a small part of the price of your product to the company. That too with interest.

But if you buy this Bajaj Finserv EMI card, you will not have to pay interest in it, rather, only a small part of the price of the product will be given. This means that if you buy that product by paying it in full at once, then how much money you will have to pay in the installation, then it is a no-cost EMI.

So now that if we have to make this card, what documents do we have and what are the terms and conditions to be followed?

Friends, if you want to make this card, you will have to give four documents mainly.

  • 1. PAN card
  • 2. Aadhar Card
  • 3. A Canceled Check
  • 4. Duly signed ECS form

You may also need a bank account to fill this form. Now the terms and conditions come in the matter.

There are mainly two terms and conditions to be followed.

The first condition is that you want to make this card in your name

They should stay ahead for 21 years to 60 years. If he is less than 21 years or more than 60 years. Therefore, he is not eligible to make this card.

And the second condition is that in whose name you are making this EMI card

He has a regular source of income, meaning, if he should come in regular income from anywhere, these are two rules and conditions.

So if you want to make this card, you will make

There are mainly two ways to make it.

The first way is offline and the second way is online

So, first, we will learn about the offline route

To make this card offline, you just have to go to a big shop near you. Where large appliances have been sold
Need to know if it accepts Bajaj Finance's card and if it accepts this EMI card then go there and choose the product you want to buy on EMI

After selecting the product at the time of payment, then you will have to tell there that you want to buy it. Bajaj Finance's No Cost EMI Card will then match the payment you are taking.

With the representative of Bajaj Finance and that representative will tell you everything about the EMI card of Bajaj Finserv and after that, he will ask for four documents in which you will have to provide PAN card, Aadhaar card, a canceled check, and an ECS Mandate Form

So now you must be thinking from where you will get this ECS form

Friends, these ECS forms can be found at any bookstore. Otherwise, you can get it from that representative.
So after giving these four documents, friends, that representative will check your civil score in front of you and according to the civil score accordingly, the credit limit of your Bajaj Finance No Cost EMI card will be fixed and after that, you will get the EMI card.

But friends, now you do not take EMI card in hard copy the way you get ATM Card or Credit Card, here you will get these cards in an application. Bajaj Finserv's official wallet. This application you will have to download from Play Store. Otherwise, you can find a direct link in our details box of this application from there you can also download it. And if you are facing any problem.

So Bajaj is the representative of Finance. He is only there to help you. You can ask him to complete the card collection process

It will install the app on your phone and it will guide you on getting an EMI card. These people will guide you on everything.

So what do you have to do here? Install the app on your phone and then register it with the number you have just registered

When taking a no-cost EMI card, when you register with this number in this app, after registration you can see the profile icon in the left upper corner and next to those friends, you can also see a card icon.

If this is your register number, then when you click on that icon, after filling the date of birth date, friends

Will show your card there but the card number will not show there yet

For card number, one option of view card number under the card is to click on it when you click on it.

You will get an OTP on your registered number and you have to fill that OTP here and then will show you the card number and card details. Then after that, you can use your EMI card anywhere, so in this way, you can make your EMI Card offline.

Now let's talk about Online Way to Create EMI Card

First of all, let me tell you if you want to make the EMI card of this Bajaj FInance online.

So you have to be a customer before Bajaj Finserv, meaning you must have already borrowed from Bajaj or, by any means, your profile should be created on Bajaj Finance and you must have a username and password to log in. So, if you are already a customer of Bajaj financer

Then go to your customer portal and there you have to log in with your Id password. After logging in, you have seen two options, the first is Option Shop online and the second is of account information, then you have to go to an option with account information. Then you can see all the personal details
With that, it will also tell you which loan you have taken earlier and it will be a pre-approved option. You have to click on it.

As soon as you click on it, you will be told if you are eligible for EMI card and if eligible then how much credit limit you can get with this EMI card. You can claim this card from friends and get a hard copy from there.

After you claim people, you have to install this application. And after that, you have to register with the same number and then you got the offline EMI card. In the same way, if you get online, this way you can create your own no-cost EMI card

So now it comes to where and how you can use it
You can use it both online and offline, so first of all, we learn about offline. You cannot do it offline at any store, it can only be used there which is Bajaj's partner store. Where is the EMI card of Bajaj Finance accepted, first of all, you have to know whether the shop you are visiting accepts EMI card of Bajaj Finance

Friends, there are more than 60000 stores in 13000 cities across India, which is Bajaj's partner store. Where these EMI cards will be accepted
So, friends, almost all the big shops have accepted this card, so you have to know whether they are accepting this EMI card and if they accept then just go there select the product and show you this card at the time of payment. This way, you can use this EMI card offline.

Now it comes to use online

You cannot use it on an all e-commerce website. You can only use it on a large website.

Such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall, McMytrip, Travel Samsung and Vivo's Official Sites Choose My Cycle

Bajaj EMI Store, an official website of Bajaj. So, on this website, you can use this EMI card, but how do you use it? Friends, use any product you want to buy.

Go to the product detail page from any website where the product description is, then you go to the product page and see where the product description resides and the EMI option will appear on the same page. Like if you are doing this card on Flipkart and if you are using a smartphone then slide downwards, then you will see the option of Easy Payment under which you will see the option of View Details, then click on View Detail. As soon as one-click on View Detail and if the product is offered on No Cost EMI then you will see 3 options.

  • No cost EMI
  • EMI
  • COD

And if there is an offer for the product on No Cost EMI, then you will see only AMI and COD option on it, so you have to buy the product using No Cost EMI, then click on NO COST EMI as soon as you click on NO COST EMI What card is used to buy that item, no-cost EMI provides you

A list of these cards shown there is also the name of the Bajaj Finserv EMI card. So, you have to click on it when you click on it, then it will be shown how much time you can receive payment in which 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months and 24 months

These four options can be found Then you will know there

If you buy this product, Then you have to pay for how many months and

How much money do you have to pay each month

So this way you can get to know friends

How much time do you get And how much you have to pay

So now this is how you will buy this product

Using this card Buy friends like you buy any product In the same way, you have to buy it too

When you go to the payment gateway

Then you will see the option of credit card, debit card

BHIM UPI, Net Banking

Additionally, an alternative to EMI shows

So, you have to select the EMI option

When you choose the EMI option,

If you are on the desktop you will see 2 options.

First EMI and second no-cost EMI

But the same if you are using it in a smartphone

If you are running an offer for NO COST EMI

The card you are coming will show you above

And below, you will be shown a credit card that you can buy on EMI

Then you have to click on the option of Bajaj Finserve

When you click on it

Then, he will tell you the time and payment of EMI.

So select the number of the month you want to put in it.

After selection click on Resume

So when you click on continue

You will get the option to fill card details

Then you will be given the option to fill there

Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV Number

But friends there will not show you the CVV number

So many people are asking CVV no.

You will not get CVV number

All you have to do is fill in the card number.

As soon as you don't have your card.

On which the CVV number is written

You do not need CVV but it will be written

Because it will find out

You are using Bajaj Finserv's EMI card

After filling the card number, the expiration date has to be filled

And the column is the same with the number on the number

Then click continue

Then after that friends will have an OTP on your registration number.

If you fill that note your order will be completed

And your order will also be placed.

So, friends, you like from any online store

You can buy any product on EMI

Using this NO COST EMI card.

So now it comes

How much downpayment do we have to pay

Buying time

Here friends have to pay 0% downpayment

You will not have to pay a down payment

You will receive EMI directly from next month.

How do you pay EMI or installment

There are mainly two ways to pay EMIs.

The first way is

When you were filling out the ECS form,

A bank account that was filled in

In that bank

You have to pay by the 1st of every month

Your EMI Monthly Amount

You can know your EMI Pay Amount as your Bajaj Finserv Wallet

Otherwise, if you approve your EMI card online

Then you can know from

Your Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal

Otherwise, when you are in the payment gateway of the website

You are choosing the EMI option

There too you have seen your EMI amount

So, this way you have to pay your EMI

In your bank account

On the first date of the month

Friends almost people who have EMI payment date

It happens on the 2nd

So if you deposit money in 1 day,

Again in 2nd date money

Will be deducted from your account And another way

If you accept your EMI card online

Then go to your customer portal

Then where you have seen the loan statement

The same place will also create an EMI card column

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