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What is Fastag and how to get it Paytm Fastag Online? How to Order Fastag | Fee & Charges

What is Fastag? How to Apply Paytm Fastag Online? How to Order Fastag | Fee & Charges 

Fastag as you may know.

 When you have found a pair to fasten your car If you still do not apply Fastag to your car, in that case, you may have to fill the challan twice. So in this post, we will know that this

  • What is fastag and how to get it?
  • Where and how can we make fastag?
  • What documents do we need to create a fastag? And what are the benefits of Fastag? And most importantly, how much money will we have to spend to make Fastag.

what is fastag and how to get it

So let's know

Guys, whenever you go through a toll plaza, with your car
So you have to stop there to pay the toll plaza charge. Many times there is a very long line, in which you have to wait. After that, you can pay the fee, and then you get the receipt. Then you are allowed to proceed from there.

But friends, if you keep Fastag, then you do not need to stop at the toll plaza and your charge will also be paid automatically because it is due to Fastag.

Fastag. This is a strip. Like the Metro card, Fastag will have to be stuck on the windscreen of your car.

It is recharged. You have to recharge it first and after that when you go through the toll plaza then as you reach near the toll plaza then your fastag is tracked using the toll plaza's camera and sensor and the amount you recharge in fastag is that. The toll plaza fee is deducted from the amount and you are allowed to proceed, there was no need to stop. Therefore you did not have to stop here and the charge of the toll plaza was also paid hence it is called Fastag.

 What are the benefits of making Fastag?

There are many advantages to making it

First of all, while you were waiting in the long line, at that time, you would be looking at it. There would be many other counters on the shore at the same toll booth, which would be the counter fastag. No vehicle would stop and it would be coming and going. So they have a lot of time left and you have wasted a lot of time.

So friends here, if you get Fastag, you can save your time like those people.

The other advantage will be that you will not need to carry cash there. So in this way you can also promote cashlessly.

The third advantage is that if you use Fastag, you will also get cashback here, that too at 2 places.

The first way is
You recharge metro card, you get cashback
Similarly, you will get cashback on recharging this fastag.

And other when you use this fastag at the toll plaza, you can also get a cashback of 2.5% there. That is, cashback was available in the first recharge and secondly, you will get cashback when you deduct money on your toll plaza.
So if you go through the toll plaza without fastag, then you don't get any cashback there. So, friends, there are many benefits of Fastag like this.

If you get Fastag, then you will also know about all the benefits. So now the thing is that if we want to make this fastag then what documents should we have

You must have 3 documents to create a fastag.

 The first document is
Your vehicle registration certificate, also known as RC.

Another document is
Must have 1 passport size photo

And the third document
Your KYC document is a KYC document, in which you can give your Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter ID card. Any document verified by passport or something similar, the state government and central government can give.
So you should have these three documents.

So now it comes

Where and how can you make fastag

Friends, the first option is to create fastag

That is the toll plaza, meaning the toll booth. If you are going through the toll booth and if you have that time then you can stop there and put your fastag.

Another option is private banks

You can do this Fastag. Applying to almost all private banks if you want to know which banks apply? So you can see in the description box. There you will find a list of all banks and you can apply both online and offline.

You can also apply by visiting the official website from the bank.
You can apply offline by going directly to the bank.

The third option is the best option

It is from Paytm, I said it is best if you make Fastag from bank or toll plaza then you have to use an application. To recharge the fastag.
But, if you make it through Paytm, then you will be able to recharge.
Fastag with Paytm. Along with this, you will also get a lot of Paytm offers. The same friend if you make them with Paytm, then the way Paytm gets a section to manage postpaid and Paytm Bank everything, in the same way, you also have a section of My Fastag on Paytm. Where you can check.

You can see the statement of how much balance is there in your fastag. How much money is deducted and when deducted You can also add money from Paytm to Fastag. So you get all these facilities on Paytm.

How to make fastag using  Paytm app

To make it, you usually have to open the Paytm app. After opening Paytm, the search bar appears at the top. Write fastag to search there. When you search, you will have a choice of fastag. You have to click on fastag. You will see four options as soon as you click.

  • In which the first option will be Buy Fastag.
  • The second option is the management of Fastag.
  • The third option is to add money to Fastag.
  • And the fourth option is another toll fee.

So there you have to go to the first option, click on buy fastag. As soon as you click, 2-3 columns will be open, in which in the first column you have to fill the RC (Registration Certificate Number of your vehicle) number.
 After that, you have to take a photo of your RC front and if you have made a new RC, then you also look back. If there is anything, take a photo of it too.

So friends see below are 2 options
RC number where you have filled it. An upload will be written in both
You have to click on upload and in the first option, you have to upload the photo of the front.

And in another option, you have to upload the back photo. If there is nothing behind for your RC. To upload the same photo in front of both of you.
After uploading, you will see the address below there, so whatever address you want to get your fastag. You can provide that address there.

The address you should already use in Paytm and then click on Buy Now. Then you people will have to pay 400 rupees there. Using UPI, Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, then in a few days your Fastag will come before you again friends, another information is that

You can recharge in this fastag. Up to a maximum of Rs 1 lakh and whatever you recharge or have created Fastag, it is valid for 5 years only. After that you have to renew it again, here is the complete information about Fastag.

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