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what is web hosting and how it works.

Hello!  Friends, in this post, I am going to give you detailed information about what is web hosting and how it works.
what is web hosting and how it works.

 First of all let us identify four types of web hosting.

  To make your website visible on a webpage,

  Your website's files and data are physically stored on a computer and are connected to the Internet, called a web server.

  Website hosts are companies that host multiple web servers in one place, or are sometimes referred to as data centers.

  In addition to web server accommodation, website hosts provide software, primarily



  And the bandwidth type appears, which connects your website to the Internet.

  Consider a website hosting company like Shopping Center which has many personal stores.

  If you want to open a store at a shopping center, you can rent space in it and start a shop.

 Just like shopping malls, website hosting companies enable you to rent space on their web servers, where you can store and secure your website files and make them available for visitors to view on the internet in case of need.

  To cater to the needs of different types of websites and customers, there are a variety of hosting solutions.

  Hosting solutions are broadly classified

  You need monthly bandwidth to use your site based on the server space you need for your website files.  Bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred, or the amount of resource usage your website needs.

  Rethink your shopping center:

  Suppose you only sell handmade items;

  You have a small, unique product offering,

  So you don't need or want to rent as much space as a large department store.


  You can rent a small store in a shopping center that will give you enough space for your goods and you will have to spend less money because you are running a small shop.

  You don't need a lot of extra technology or staff to help you sell your product.

  As required by the department store.

  Between you and your mobile payment device, you have plenty of bandwidth to take care of your customers, and no need to purchase any additional technology or hire more staff.


  Beyond server space and bandwidth, there are other things to consider when choosing a hosting solution:

  Your budget

  Ease of use or complexity of solution,

  The level of the solution or the level of customization allows the solution,

  As well as privacy and security features.

  GoDaddy offers a variety of hosting solutions.

  To determine which hosting solution is best for you,

  Please visit and purchase hosting.

what is web hosting amazing quite

technical complex and maybe even

intimidating but don't worry it's

actually quite simple let's start with

something you're more familiar with a

website firstly let's imagine you ask

web designer to design a website for you

at this early stage the web site files

are only stored on the web designers

computer not the Internet the next

crucial step would be for all your web

files to be uploaded to a server which

is connected to the Internet

when all your web files are uploaded to

your server then you'll have a website

which people will be able to see when

you rent space on a server from a

company like easy space and this is what

we call web hosting there are three main

types of web hosting that you can choose

from one shared hosting to virtual

servers and three dedicated servers

shared hosting is like paying rent to

live in an apartment compared to other

types of web hosting shared is the

cheapest and is where most web sites

live like an apartment it comes with all

the basics like email WordPress etc

tools that enable you to easily run a

website on your own however keep in mind

that when you live in an apartment you

share the facilities with lots of other

tenants or other web sites what you do

can affect everybody else if your

website becomes popular and gets lots of

traffic lots of visitors then it's

possible that the apartment manager will

suggest you move elsewhere

the second type of hosting is a virtual

server compared to an apartment this

could be thought of as a townhouse it's

larger you have more rooms more space

and more control than shared hosting

again you share the property and its

facilities such as processor usage but

it has fewer residents you have more

control and the rooms are soundproofed

so if you get lots of visitors lots of

traffic to your website then everything

will be easier the third type of hosting

is a dedicated server this is like being

the king of your own castle and you are

in charge you can paint the walls

whatever color you want build a pool or

a tennis court in hosting terms this

would be like you buying as many

computing resources as you can afford to

look after the dedicated servers are

often favored by big businesses with

popular websites they're more complex to

manage but they aren't much more

powerful you will have a huge amount of

space so as long as you can cope then

you can have as many visitors as you


well that's web hosting renting space on

a server which connects your website to

the internet easy so whether you need

web hosting for a small one page website

or a large complex online store that'll

get millions of visitors then contact ez

space today